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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Prairie Dog Central Railway?

The Prairie Dog Central Railway is a short line railway owned and operated by The Vintage Locomotive Society Inc. a Registered Charity, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and operation of a vintage steam locomotive and train.

Do I need to book in advance? 

We strongly recommend that you book in advance as events sell out fast. Book your tickets by going to the Tickets tab or by calling our Ticket Office during business hours at 204 832 5259.

Where does the train leave from?

Inkster Junction Station is located on Prairie Dog Trail, off Park Royale Way. If you are unsure of our exact location then please call the Ticket Office, 204 832 5259 or E mail and we will happily send you detailed directions or Click here for a map

When should I arrive at the Station?

We recommend arriving at the Station no later than 30 minutes prior to departure to allow sufficient time for parking, ticket collection, washroom stops and boarding the train.

How long is the trip and where does it go?

Events generally depart at 11:00AM and we travel directly to Grosse Isle, approximately a 50 to 60 minute train ride. The stopover is approximately 75 to 90 minutes depending on the entertainment. Our arrival time back at Inkster Junction Station is approximately 2:45PM

Does the train run if it's raining?

Yes, we operate rain or shine! 

What do I need to wear?

We suggest you dress for the outside weather, if it’s cool then please bring warmer clothing. Don’t forget sunglasses, cameras and sunscreen. During the Halloween brunch or evening trains we love to see your spooky costumes but please remember if it’s cold out then please wrap up underneath your costume

Can we get off the train during the trip?

Absolutely.  As mentioned, the stopover in Grosse Isle lasts between 75 to 90 minutes

Can we bring a child's stroller on the train?

Certainly.  The stroller can be stored in your Coach if space is available or safely transported in our Baggage Car and made available for you at Grosse Isle

Are there washrooms on the train?

There are 2 washrooms onboard located in Coaches 106 and 107 that are for absolute emergencies. Modern washroom facilities are located at Inkster Junction Station, and portable toilet facilities are at Grosse Isle

Is the train handicapped accessible?

Unfortunately it is not. The coaches were constructed in the early 1900s and the doorways and aisle ways are too narrow to accommodate wheel chairs.  However, if a person does not require a wheelchair for total mobility, and can climb three to four stairs while being aided by our on board staff, they are more than welcome.  Their wheelchair will be safety transported in our Baggage Car and made available for their use at the station stopover 

Certain events require a short trip on a school bus, is there anything I should know about this?

Any ride to the Hitch ’n Post and Igor’s Spooktacular Brunch trains require a very short trip on a school bus. In our experience the school bus has very narrow steps and aisle, this proves difficult for certain mobility issues. If you are in doubt then please call our Ticket Office during business hours 204 832 5259 and the Ticket Agent will be happy to provide more information

Do you have safety rules for passengers?

Safety is the top priority of every railway in Canada, and especially so with railways carrying passengers.  During your trip, we ask for your own personal safety that you please do not walk between the coaches.  If you must go from one coach to another please ask one of our on board staff to assist you.  In general and for your own safety and the safety of members of your family or group we ask that while on the railway property that you refrain from climbing on or going under any railway equipment and that you do not walk on the tracks or enter into any restricted buildings or areas.

Are there special rules for children?

At all times, children must be accompanied by an adult, especially when entering or exiting cars, and when viewing the locomotive.  When children ride free, they are expected to remain in the lap of an adult while seated.

Can I bring my dog on the train?

We are sorry but we only admit registered service animals

Can we eat on the train?

Food and drinks (non-alcoholic) can be brought onboard. We ask that you take any garbage with you or ask your Porter to dispose of it. Ice chests, hard-case coolers and picnic baskets can be brought onboard, space is limited but we can safely transport such items in the Baggage Car if necessary.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages on board the train?

No, Provincial and Federal regulations prohibit the carrying and consumption of alcohol at Inkster Junction Station, on board that train and at the stopover in Grosse Isle.

Is smoking allowed?

Our Station and coaches are strict non-smokingareas. Smoking is allowed only in outdoor areas and we would request that the cigarette butt receptacles located by the Maintenance Shop are used for disposal. During the stopover in Grosse Isle smoking is not permitted in the shelter or by any of the food serving stations

If you require further information or have any other questions then please call the Ticket Office during business hours 204 832 5259 or E mail