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Gross Isle ManitobaThe first station stop on many Events, Grosse Isle is a small community of some 500 persons.  Geographic Board of Canada correspondence from 1919 indicates that the community adopted the name given to the area by early French hunters on account of it being a large wooded tract of land surrounded by swamp which provided good hunting ... Grosse Ile is French for big island.

The Canadian National Railway point was established in 1904.  As an aside, Grosse Isle was above the 1852 floodwaters and many area residents sought refuge there on “the island”.  For those that are looking for something unique to do as part of the experience with the Prime Meridian Trail, are just plain curious, or have a hobby of geocaching, the location of the Station is
N. 50° 03.899'     WO.  97° 26.638'

There are many vendors at Grosse Isle providing you with the opportunity to purchase beverages, snacks, handicrafts and souvenirs. 


In September Grosse Isle is the host of the RAILWAY FALL SUPPER!

Gross Isle ManitobaOur Railway Fall Supper provides an opportunity to ride back into time on a 1900-vintage train and enjoy the savory goodness of old-fashioned home-cooked food freshly prepared by the Grosse Isle Recreation Centre.  Community fall suppers on Canada’s Prairies go back in time when rural one room school districts each had their annual suppers.  With seating on the train for only three hundred, this is an always sell-out event ... so buy your tickets early!  Originally known as "fowl" suppers, farm poultry used to include duck, geese, chicken and turkey.  The main event of a fall supper is not the main course of turkey and mashed potatoes with all of the trimmings, but it is dessert, where large tables are covered with wedges of pies of all kinds.


During your stay in Grosse Isle, look for the wood carvings by Fred Gross.  Fred also assists in managing the V Gross Doll Museum that is located in Warren.

V Gross Doll Museum -- Warren, ManitobaV Gross Doll Museum -- Warren, Manitoba


A short country drive takes you to a magical wonderland where new memories are sure to be created and those carefree childhood days brought back to life!

Over 4000 dolls await your visit in the V Gross Doll Museum!  Regardless if you are a beginning or a seasoned collector, the gift shop features a fine selection of over 250 dolls and unique woodcarvings.  You will definitely find that special treasure to take home with you!

Admission to the Museum is $4.00.  HOURS from May to October are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday to Friday or by appointment.  Phone - 204-322-5346 or